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4 Leeds United أغاني & أمبير؛ أناشيد كرة القدم

Marching On Together! Definitely in the top tier of support in Europe. Always amazing away from home. If you're a neutral or foreigner wanting to watch an English game, then get a ticket for a Leeds away game, they turn up in big numbers and create a massive support. "We All Hate Leeds Scum" is our most popular song, sung by nearly every team on the UK site; be proud of that Leeds fans :)

183 Leeds United Calypso Another classic from the best fans in the country. قائمة التشغيل
389 We Hate Man U Scumchester United haters. قائمة التشغيل
414 Oh Gary, Gary (clapping) Different version with clapping. R.I.P. you legend قائمة التشغيل
499 Who the Hell Are You Sung to unknown team who we have never heard of قائمة التشغيل
533 You've Never Won Sung at Middlesbrough and others قائمة التشغيل
559 What the Hell Is That What the.... قائمة التشغيل
560 We're Not Bottom Sung when we clawed the 15 back 07/08 season قائمة التشغيل
610 Kilkenny, Kilkenny Old song about a player not liked that much anymore, greedy git قائمة التشغيل
711 In Your Liverpool Slums Might be a while before we get to sing this again!
737 Tresor Kandol Should Play for Brazil Brazil-he-aint قائمة التشغيل
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781 Bradley Johnson Our best midfielder, if not player قائمة التشغيل
854 Football Ground Yer Having Laff Been to some derisory grounds, sung with contempt for their stadia قائمة التشغيل
870 Only One Speedo Let's not forget the the man, R.I.P. mate قائمة التشغيل
973 You'll Never Beat Kisnorbo LUFC song for top Aussie stopper قائمة التشغيل
997 Blackburn Give Us a Song All gone quiet over there, tossers قائمة التشغيل
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