Black and Gold football scarf

18 Hull أغاني & أمبير؛ أناشيد كرة القدم

Roaring stuff from the Tigers.

157 Hull City F.C. Another football chant classic from Hull City fans. قائمة التشغيل
836 That Boy Geovani From when he scored the equalizer at Arsenal
856 We're Just Too Good for You Sang to teams we are beating by a wide margin, e.g. West Brom 3-0
977 Woah Hand Ball Goes on a good while قائمة التشغيل
1057 Mauled by the Tigers Sung when there's a thrashing ahoy - accompanied by tiger motions with the arms. It's us poking fun at ourselves, it comes from away fans singing "tigers tigers ra ra ra!" Usually with the same hand gestures mentioned that we make. Tongue in cheek! قائمة التشغيل
1278 Jimmy the Best by Far Short but effective
1501 Disco Dancing Mendy sang to bernard mendy
1531 Nice Ground Sh*t Fans Sang to Arsenal at the Emirates when the Arsenal fans were quiet throughout the game. No wonder we beat them
1653 I'll Love City 'til I Die She'll be wearing black and amber قائمة التشغيل
1688 City Till I Die And probably afterwards too. قائمة التشغيل
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2203 Goal Kick Shouted whilst a goalkick is being taken by the oppositions keeper to force a miss-kick
2324 Na Na Na City John would like this one قائمة التشغيل
2653 Olofinjana olofinjana
2733 Geo Geo Good lyric and we should bounce like liverpool and learn these lyric and sing it on next away day
2852 Daniel Cousin Daniel cousin dee de de de
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