Royal blue and White football scarf

5 Chelsea أغاني & أمبير؛ أناشيد كرة القدم

Stamford Bridge letting everyone know they are back on top form!

2 The Blue Flag Still flying and off to Wembley. قائمة التشغيل
19 We Love You Chelsea Amen to that. قائمة التشغيل
308 Diego Costa The legend taking the Premier League by storm قائمة التشغيل
774 Dirty Northerners Get back up the M1 and get yourself a shower... قائمة التشغيل
886 We're Going to Win 4-3 3 nil down, but we'll score 4 قائمة التشغيل
996 Ronaldo Loves Diving in the Box Cheat
1052 It's All Quiet When they are all hushed قائمة التشغيل
1081 Poor Little Scouser To Everton or Liverpool
1109 Let's All Have a Disco D-I-S-C-O
1134 Osgood Ode to the legendary Peter Osgood. Unfortunately not the greatest recording. Ringtone is chorus only. قائمة التشغيل
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1292 We All Hate Leeds... An old one from the 70's but still sung today قائمة التشغيل
1447 Give It Up for Demba Ba Chelsea song Demba Ba, our Senagolese international. On previous form a goal every two games, just starting to fire at Chelsea at the time of writing this. قائمة التشغيل
1519 10 Men Went to Mow Longer version of the Chelsea anthem قائمة التشغيل
1562 2 Nil and You Still Don't Sing They're up 2 nil and still not a peep, pathetic قائمة التشغيل
1670 Couldn't Sell All Your Tickets Cause you're shit!
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