Maroon and Sky blue football scarf

13 Aston Villa أغاني & أمبير؛ أناشيد كرة القدم

The Villains at full pelt - criminally funny! Champions of Europe in 1982.

22 And It's Aston Villa Old favourite قائمة التشغيل
153 Der, Der Der...Villa! The Villains in good voice. (ED: Better audio added) قائمة التشغيل
741 Your Support Terrible support قائمة التشغيل
813 Paul McGrath My Lord All time legend, never forgotten. Brilliant Villa football chant قائمة التشغيل
834 She Wore a Claret Ribbon An oldie, but goodie.
845 They're Coming Up, They're Going Down Sung towards the end of the 08/09 season to the tune of yellow submarine (Ed: Haven't got the full song but worth putting audio up) قائمة التشغيل
849 Will Sing on Our Own We sing by ourselves, we're Aston Villa. Top Villa song
1083 Sh*t on the City What else? Classic Villa. قائمة التشغيل
1160 We Want Our Ball Back Gis it back. قائمة التشغيل
1485 Aston, Aston Villa Old classic.
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1504 John Carew john carew
1507 Holte End Army Undefeated and up for it.
1651 Christian Benteke a Belgian Striker Check out the Youtube of this Villa fan singing this, cracking stuff قائمة التشغيل
1706 Son You Be a Villa Fan To the tune of Bachelor boy
1734 Martin Laursen Captain marvellous - gone but not forgotten قائمة التشغيل
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